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The problem

Dixie D’ Amelio released her new song ‘Be Happy’ and wanted to raise awareness through Snapchat. Dixie’s team needed to create a Snapchat filter that engaged her audience on Snapchat.

The Mission

Snapchat asked us to help make an animated full-body tracking filter. The central direction behind the filter was the actual song lyrics. 
The lyrics referenced emotions, like being unhappy. People associate Rainfall and stormy clouds with these emotions.
The best approach was to allow the user to control the setting and express themselves.

The Result

There were over 600 hand-drawn frames that had to be mobile device friendly.

Over 600+ Hand-drawn frames

Aimed at being mobile device friendly.

The filter included neon lights and electrical animations.

When the user raises their arms over their head, it triggers a change in weather.

The environment would switch from cloudy to clear sunshine.

The music would loop while the user could express themselves with the filter.

News & Media features

 Snapchat used the filter to promote its new full body-tracking feature.

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